Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Unconstitutional Hamilton Montana Judge Haynes and the Missoula County Attorneys Office conspire to Deny Due Process, Violation Civil and Constitutional Rights and to Cover Up Corruption in Montana by Prosecuting an anti-corruption reporter daring to utter the word UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA.

"Bill Windsor is preparing for his criminal trial on June 22, 2015 in Missoula Montana

Bill Windsor is preparing for his criminal trial scheduled for June 22, 2015 in Missoula Montana.  Judge James A. Haynes is the judge - much grayer now.  It's  May 12, 2015 -- 6:00 pm Mountain Time.
William M. Windsor thanks Aunt Dodie for a big pile of stuff.  Bill filed a very important Motion for Sanctions today, sent change of address notices to a host of courts, bought some office supplies, and had some decent barbeque.
This is Bill Windsor's every "evening" update to let folks know he is still "free"...
Bill Windsor has been working on several court filings in his Missoula Montana criminal case, DC-14-509 in the Fourth Judicial District Court. 
Tomorrow, William M. Windsor hopes to file his Second Motion to Disqualify Judge James A. Haynes.  Amazing that the first one somehow disappeared from the envelope in which the Clerk of the Court filed and docketed two other motions.  Must have been magic.  Judge James A. Haynes has been labeled as corrupt by Bill Windsor.  
He is one of the witnesses in the case, and he has a long history of covering for Sean Boushie.  Judge James A. Haynes became infamous when he denied Bill Windsor's Petition for a Temporary Order of Protection after Sean Boushie attempted to murder Bill Windsor as he drove on the Interstate between Butte and Missoula.  
Sean Boushie even sent Bill Windsor an email taking credit for the shooting.  Judge James A. Haynes denied the Petition saying that Bill Windsor did not qualify because Sean Boushie would have to first be arrested.  Even Sierra, the mani-pedi lady in Missoula ,knows that's hogwash.  By the way, she said Bill Windsor was her first...pedicure with someone wearing a GPS Ankle Monitor.
Bill is hand-carrying this Second Motion to Disqualify right to the Clerk of the Court's Office so he can get a file-stamped copy.  The jail wouldn't let Bill Windsor out to file anything, imagine that.
William M. Windsor looks forward to telling all of you the story of his meeting with the prosecuting attorney, Jennifer Clark, and the Missoula Police Department Detective,Chris Shermer.  
He gave them a simple road map to prove that Sean Boushie is the criminal, but there is no indication that they did a thing with what they were given.  Chris Shermer may be too busy to investigate. 
 Chris Shermer recently filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by a female police lieutenant.  The stuff these folks come up with in Montana defies description.
A TalkShoe show will soon be scheduled.  Stay tuned.
Bill needs help on typing and legal research.  Judge James A. Haynes has made Bill's pre-trial tasks virtually impossible.  If anyone wants to research the statutes and case law on arguing jury nullification in trials in Montana, Bill could use some help.
Lawless America.  That's where we live.

Bill Windsor set out to film a movie exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption.  He traveled to every state (except Alaska), and he filmed over 750 stories of corruption and has thousands more who wanted to be filmed.  
Evil people,some working for various government entities and committing crimes, set out to destroy Bill Windsor and the movie, Lawless America.  Bill Windsor has been defamed online in the largest case of defamation in U.S. history.  His life has been threatened many times.  UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEESean Boushie, attempted to murder Bill Windsor.   
Sean Boushie then falsely claimed that Bill stalked him, threatened him with a gun, and a host of other lies.  Corrupt courts gave Sean Boushie a Temporary Order of Protection.  It expired on September 16, 2013, but corrupt Montana and Texas folks pretended it still existed, and a bench warrant was issued for unsuspecting Bill.
Bill Windsor was put into the Ellis County Texas Jail illegally for 53 days as a political prisoner -- held for extradition.  William M. Windsor was then unlawfully held in the Ada County Idaho Jail for 35 days and then illegally handed over to two Missoula County Montana Sheriff's Deputies on March 25, 2015.  
He was held there for 46 days (a grand total of 134 days behind bars). He escaped (on bond) at 11:30 am on May 9, 2015.
The State of Montana has filed five criminal charges against William M. Windsor for sending a Tweet, publishing the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE's name (the would-be killer Sean Boushie) four times, sending a legal notice email to a University of Montana attorney, and filming the movie and the pilot for a TV show that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in the country.  “Law enforcement” removed from the Internet.  
This website contains over 1,400 articles exposing corruption.  Bill Windsor worked with a friendly offshore hosting company to return the website to the Internet outside the clutches of American evildoers.  He wasn't so lucky when Facebook removed the movie page falsely claiming it promoted nudity, pornography, and solicitation of sex ... or when AT&T canceled the email that he used on everything related to the movie for years falsely claiming he violated their Terms of Service.
Bill Windsor will continue to have a short article published every morning and every night so you will know he is still as “free” as one can be in Lawless America. That’s where we live."


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