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Missoula Police Department seems to be controlled by the SUPERPOWER that controls the University of Montana and many Montana Detectives and Judges who do whatever it takes to SHUT up Anti-Corruption Bloggers. Detective Chris Shermer Missoula Montana Police.

a Small Bit from my upcoming Attorney General Complaint 
and Department of Justice Complaint.

NOTE:   It is important to NOTE that the State of Montana, Missoula Police and the University of Montana KNEW about the issue of Rape and Stalkers for many, MANY years and the ONLY action they took was to JAIL Reporters, and to give anti-corruption bloggers protective orders to STOP the flow of information, chill speech and cover up the TRUTH about Montana Law Enforcement flat out IGNORING Rape and Stalking CRIMES.

Also NOTE: that it seems, currently, as if the Missoula Police, Chris Shermer and the Missoula County Attorney will do their ACTUAL job of proving someone guilty instead of taking the word of another BUT only if I, Crystal Cox, Investigative Blogger don't report on them or call them names, such as Barney Fife.  So another words they will do what you actually pay them to do but ONLY if I don't make fun of them for not doing their actual job.

The Missoula Police Department have aided and abetted the University of Montana to cover up crimes committed on campus for years. I have reported this and know of others who have reported it and reported on it for at least 7 years.

The Missoula Police Department and the University of Montana have done NOTHING to investigate facts and instead simply take the stated, adjudicated word of  University of Montana employee Sean Boushie.

This has led to the loss of my business, my home and put me under massive duress for around 8 years and counting. This also happened to University of Montana victims Micheal Spreadbury and Mary Deneen. And led to the false imprisonment and civil rights violation of Bill Windsor of Lawless America who was reporting on our story.

Below is a bit to be included in my upcoming U.S attorney general complaint and Department of Justice complaint as well as RICO and Racketeering complaints about the rampant corruption and cover ups in the State of Montana.  Below is the Police Report that University of Montana employee Sean Boushie falsified and was taken as FACT with no investigation or interviews of other parties by Detective Chris Shermer of The Missoula Police Department and the Missoula County Attorney's office.

143. on August 23, 2013, Sean Boushie filed a police report with the Missoula Police Department, the initial report was taken by Officer Ethan Smith, Case Number P130823-10
Exhibit 11. Supervisor Review was done by Officer Paul Kelly, as Exhibits show. The date on the report is October 30th, 2013.

The Report claims that officer Ethan Smith met with Sean Boushie on August 23, 2013. And that at that time Sean Boushie reported being stalked by another male. (Bill Windsor, Anti-Corruption Blogger and Film Producer of Lawless America).

This report claimed that I, Crystal Cox had passed away and that Bill Windsor of Lawless America had got some sort of alleged victims list, allegedly of mine. Clearly not factual, but still taken as actual fact by the Missoula Police Department.

The report also claimed that I received money from some alleged bank statements allegedly from Sean’s father, and later maybe his father in law of which is also easily proven as false. It is also false statements to police to maliciously harm and prosecute others. Of which Missoula Detectives did NOTHING to prove.

Officer Ethan Smith did not do any investigation into the judicial record of facts on this matter, regarding Sean Boushie being the stalker, the abuser and NOT the VICTIM.

Officer Smith did not research any evidence as filed by Bill Windsor or myself with the Missoula Police, the University of Montana Police, Hamilton Police, Eureka Police and multiple Montana Judges, to easily prove this as fact.

Officer Ethan Smith of the Missoula Police Department seems to have turned the "INVESTIGATION" over to Missoula Police Detectives to look further into the facts of the case.

I, Crystal Cox, was named in this false report and having provable information as to the facts of the case, and also having my own report with Detective Jamie Merifield of the Missoula Police Department regarding Sean Boushie stalking me and threatening to kill me in 2009, was not contacted or interviewed by ANYONE at the Missoula Police Department nor the University of Montana police or attorneys or the Missoula County Attorney regarding these allegations in which actually said provable false statements that pertained to me personally.

Most likely because the Missoula Police Department believed I had “passed away” and did not research this easy to find, well known information. As I was, by then in national media around the world regarding my blogs reporting on corruption. I was in a worldwide KNOWN First Amendment case and POLICE should be able to look up death records pretty easy, I would think.

None of this raised a red flag to the Missoula Police Department, their only MISSION was to Discredit Bill Windsor of Lawless America who was and is reporting the 100% TRUTH about the Missoula Police Department, the University of Montana, the Missoulian, the Missoula County Attorney, Judge Haynes and more.

This malicious, willful, wanton defamatory, false police report was taken as truth, with no real investigation into the facts of the case. And has caused irreparable harm to Sean Boushie’s victims such as Bill Windsor, Mary Deneen, Michael Spreadbury and me, Crystal Cox.

The police report along with 6 years of non-stop action of Sean Boushie, employed by the University of Montana should at the VERY least be Criminal Defamation, as per Montana Law.

The University of Montana is liable for the damage they have deliberately, knowingly, with full knowledge of the facts, willfully and wantonly caused to me Crystal Cox and to Bill Windsor, Michael Spreadbury and Mary Deneen.

We ALL have a very good civil case against the University of Montana, the County of Missoula and Ravalli and Lincoln County, and we have a good case against the Missoula Police Department, however in the state of Montana, if an attorney represents a client in these cover up matters, the attorney will be disbarred, ran out of town, bullied, threatened, harassed and possibly killed. So no Montana licensed attorney will take the case.

If you are an attorney reading any of this information and are not afraid to sue the University of Montana, the County of Missoula and Ravalli and Lincoln County, or the Missoula Police Department, email me at WE HAVE A VERY GOOD, well documented case. Maybe a class action lawsuit joining with some of the University of Montana rape victims who were IGNORED their rights by those same entities.

The Missoula Police Department and the University of Montana could have EASILY prevented Bill Windsor and his company, family and associates as well as Mary Deneen from being maliciously attacked by Sean Boushie and having their lives ruined and under constant duress, however, the Missoula Police Department and the University of Montana did not take any of this serious just as they do not regarding other stalking complaint and rapes.  The facts are easily found but they did not bother.

This report, as seen in Exhibit 11, is full of verifiably false statement by Sean Boushie to officer Ethan Smith. One of these is claims that I, Crystal Cox had passed away, that I had some alleged victims list of people who allegedly pay me, and that there was some alleged bank statements proving that I had been paid by Sean Boushie’s father to harass Sean Boushie. All of this is easily verified as FALSE.

With no adjudicated fact or evidence at all in the police report,  from this the MIssoula County Attorney’s office pursued a criminal case against whistleblower, anti-corruption blogger, Film Producer Bill Windsor.

144.  On September 4th, 2013,  Detective Chris Shermer met with and interviewed Sean Boushie, the alleged victim. The supervisor review on this was Officer Travis Welsh, as seen in Exhibit 11.  See Below

This report was again full of lies and details having nothing to do with whistleblower, reporter Bill Windsor.  Sean Boushie’s relationship with his wife and father in law have nothing to do with a protective order against a reporter REPORTING on judicial and law enforcement alleged corruption in Montana.

This report discusses the CLEAR fact that Bill Windsor has First Amendment rights. Yet the University of Montana and the Missoula County Attorney JAILED Bill Windsor for speaking online about all this, and reporting on the Crystal Cox and Michael Spreadbury story.

Here, Exhibit 11, you see that no laws are being broken, and the First Amendment applies, yet months later Bill Windsor is jailed in Ellis County Texas, then again in Idaho all because of the State of Montana allegedly barring him from his First Amendment Rights and totally ignoring Shield Laws in all those States.

All to STOP the flow of information, chill speech, and discredit blogs reporting on the allegations of corrupt Montana cops, judges, and politicians. And the involvement of the University of Montana and the Missoulian Newspaper to cover up these alleged crimes.

Which are 100% TRUE.

Detective Chris Shermer did not contact me to interview me, Crystal Cox, whom is easy to find online as I have over 1200 blogs reporting on corruption, many of which have my contact information and so does my hundreds to thousands of court filings. As well as so does the Missoula Police Department have my contact information via me reporting Sean Boushie threatening to kill me in 2009, as seen above.

I was named in the report and should have been contacted, interviewed before they pursued criminal charges against a whistleblower who was reporting on my Montana protective order being denied and my Death Threat from Sean Boushie and the fact that University of Montana ignored my cries for help and complaints for years, and those of Michael Spreadbury.

Yet we see in the National News that the Montana County Attorney acts as if complaints of rapes and stalking are taken serious and investigated in Missoula, Montana. CLEARLY, they are NOT investigated at all nor taken as serious allegations worthy of a REAL, competent, Forensic investigation, as a matter of FACT and Law.

Bill Windsor’s connection with Sean Boushie did not “stem” from Sean Boushie’s father in law as the Detective Chris Shermer report claims. This is EASY to prove, yet the Missoula County Attorney nor the Missoula police even bothered to try to figure out the origin of this matter.

Bill Windsor’s connection to Sean Boushie came with the Denial of protection of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, me, then Montana Investigative Blogger reporting on Montana Corruption as truthfully and accurately as possible. 

I had reported and proved to multiple Montana courts, Judges and Law Enforcement and to the University of Montana Police that Sean Boushie was stalking me, bullying me and threatened to kill me and was conspiring with others including local cops to keep me under constant watch, threat, and intimidation. 

Montana Law Enforcement and the University of Montana IGNORED my rights. Bill Windsor, anti-corruption blogger, whistleblower and film producer of Lawless America reported on my story and from that on Michael Spreadbury who was also, at that time, reporting on alleged cops and judged in Montana that were dangerous and corrupt.

Detective Chris Shermer did not bother to interview Paul Stramer, Sean Boushie’s father in law for his side of the story, he simply took Sean Boushie’s false allegations as fact.

Detective Chris Shermer says in this report that he spoke with Judge Karen Townsend, and warned her of Bill Windsor’s ALLEGED bizarre behavior. Yet Detective Chris Shermer did not bother to look into the deadly, defaming, dangerous bullying of, and ACTUAL “bizarre” behavior and flat out lies in the police report from Sean Boushie, the actual stalker and abuser.

Detective Chris Shermer falsified information to a Judge, in which harmed a whistleblower, a reporter telling the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but and with years of evidence to back it up.

Detective Chris Shermer is not above the law, and his willful wanton action to harm a reporter is unethical, unlawful and certainly unconstitutional. And all this without interviewing me or any of the 1200 people that Bill Windsor really crossed the United States to interview and Film and not in some bizarre trip to attack Sean Boushie or his employer, the University of Montana.

As seen in the police report, Detective Chris Shermer claims to have spoke with Missoula County Attorney Jason Marks and that there were no violations. Yet Bill Windsor, Whistleblower, Anti-Corruption Blogger and Film Producer goes to jail in 3 different states and is stripped of his rights of due process, his civil rights and his constitutional rights all based on Sean Boushie’s false, adjudicated statements regarding me, Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor.

Officer Walt Dinges, seems to close out the complaint, as seen in Exhibit 11. Yet the state of Montana goes extremely out of it’s way to jail Bill Windsor in Texas, In Idaho and to bring him to jail in Missoula Montana where he, being his own attorney is given only a tiny gold pencil to file legal documents and is completely stripped of his rights of due process, civil and constitutional rights.

This case is ongoing and still the University of Montana Police, the Missoula Police Department and the Missoula County Attorney has done NOTHING to actually procur FACT, technological fact, adjudicated fact in this matter in any way. They simply go on the stated words of the one actually committing the crimes.

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