Tuesday, May 5, 2015

a Montana Protective order to SHUT up a Reporter daring to speak about Montana Corruption. WOW. And you thought you ALL had First Amendment Rights. NOT when you Expose the Corrupt.

100,000 bail? I think it went up to a million, was 4 million in Idaho, and why? Because Bill Windsor reported on and told the 100% Truth on Montana Corruption. Bill Windsor is a Whistleblower and should have protection under state and Federal Whistleblower Laws.


Notice of Pending Criminal Case

Bill Windsor is the Victim and yet is massively harassed by those who are covering up Montana Corruption and in doing so have ruined his life.

Corrupt Arrest Warrant to Jail a Blogger for exercising his First Amendment Rights
Judge Karen Townsend - WOW Folks shocking, so many Judges and Detectives aiding and abetting these crimes. It is CLEAR that it is Bill Windsor's constitutional right to GRIPE, to post, to report, to speak of, to blog, to tweet, to film...

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