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Did Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst Really represent a rapist? Why Does the Missoula Police and the Missoula County Attorney PROTECT Rapists, Stalkers, and Abusers and JAIL those who REPORT on Montana Corruption and GIVE voice to VICTIMS?

"NOTE: The woman who left the Missoula County prosecutor’s office to defend the star quarterback on rape charges is now THE Missoula County “District” Attorney, Kirsten Pabst.  Kirsten Pabst has authorized the outlandish criminal charges against Bill Windsor for Tweeting and Emailing, all done in protection of the man who attempted to murder Bill, Sean Boushie."  Source of Above and More.

Bill Windsor went to JAIL in Montana to cover up the FACT that the State of Montana, the University of Montana, Flathead County, Ravalli County, Lincoln County, the Missoula Police Department, Hamilton Police, the Montana Attorney General, the Montana Governor's office, Montana ACLU and many more KNEW about massive rapes that were widespread in Montana, were an epidemic and involved cops either directly or in cover up.

I, Crystal Cox, was part of a Sheriff Recall in Lincoln County Montana. This recall LOUDLY let every Montana Agency Know that there was a massive issue with rape in Montana and that law enforcement was doing NOTHING to protect victims or prosecute rapists.

Montana Law Enforcment, Judges, ACLU, the Attorney General, the Governor; they ALL knew about the issue of rape victims in the State of Montana who were being treated unjust in the legal system in multiple counties. YET they ALL did nothing.  And instead tried to silence bloggers.

I reported on the Lincoln County Recall, the Rapes, the Rapists and the cops that covered up for these horrible crimes and had been for decades. Their answer was to threaten me, stalk me, harass me, intimidate and bully me.

When local cops would try and give voice to victims, they were run out by the proverbial Good ol' Boys, and the victims had no voice.

Sean Boushie of the University of Montana threatened to KILL ME, and taunted me for years, ruining my life and business and all these Montana agencies knew and enabled him to do so.

I had been told of around 40 rapes in that year alone, and when I spoke out, the law enforcement treated me as the criminal.  I had read reports, saw rape kids, saw evidence, interviewed rape advocates, victims and families. And I was targeted for speaking out about the RAPES.

Judge James Haynes in Hamilton Montana REFUSED me a Protective Order against the man who threatened to kill me and had waged an online war to ruin my life, my business and constantly harass me, all the while seeking other haters to join him.  This was clearly a hate crime and was IGNORED by all Montana Law Enforcement and Judges.

A few weeks after Judge Haynes DENIED me protection, Judge Robin Clute of Hamilton Montana gave Sean Boushie, the man who threatened to kill me, a protective order against ME, in which stopped the flow of information, chilled speech and violated my First Amendment Rights and my Civil Rights.

This protective order was NOT mutual and therefore I was not allowed as a matter of law, or be jailed, to speak of the University of Montana or of Sean Boushie.

So I stopped my reporting for well over a year and yet he kept attacking me, gathering haters, targeting my clients and business, harassing me, interfering with my federal legal cases, emailing every person I reported on or did online marketing for and constantly attacked me and ALL on paid time by the University of Montana and enabled by Montana Law Enforcement and Judges, all while he had a protective order against ME.

Via Federal Law and the Constitution of the United States of America, it is CLEAR that the State of Montana, the Missoula County Attorney, the University of Montana, the Missoula Police Department, Detective Chris Shermer, Montana Judges such as Judge Robin Clute, Judge Karen Townsend and Judge James Haynes VIOLATED the First Amendment Rights of Bill Windsor, of me, Crystal Cox and of Michael Spreadbury, and all by the use of an unconstitutional protective order used to chill speech and violate our constitutional and civil rights.

In the "Real World" outside of Montana Corruption, there is massive discussion and higher court rulings in which protect the civil rights, human rights, free speech and first amendment rights of bloggers such as Crystal Cox, Micheal Spreadbury and Bill Windsor.

Yet the State of Montana, Montana Judges and Law Enforcement ABUSE protective orders and use them to silence reporters, jail bloggers, and to flat out STOP the flow of information, chill speech, suppress information and to cover up for local judges, cops, county attorneys, cops and the rogue law enforcement at the University of Montana.

Montana seems to be acting as it’s own country, completely outside of the U.S Constitution. And with total disregard of Civil Rights, the Bill of Rights, Due Process Laws and the Constitutional Rights of those who they target.

The Lincoln County Sheriff Recall of 2009, is Flat out, undeniable PROOF that ALL Montana Agencies at the HIGHEST Level, knew about the issue of widespread rape in the State of Montana and that victims were suffering not only from RAPE but from how Law Enforcement, Cops, Detectives, Sheriff's, Judges and County Attorneys across Montana were handling their rape kits, investigations, interviews, evidence and investigation as a whole.

The Lincoln County Recall attempt of Sheriff Daryl Anderson due to massive unprosecuted rapes is the Root of Why the Missoula County Attorney, Missoula Police Department, Ravalli County, Hamilton Police, Missoula and Hamilton Judges and the University of Montana, have RETALIATED against reporter, whistle blower, film producer, anti-corruption blogger Bill Windsor. 

Bill Windsor interviewed and filmed me, Crystal Cox, for his movie, Lawless America. After this he was targeted by the man who threatened to kill me and he was DENIED protection, civil rights and constitutional rights by ALL the same Montana Law Enforcement Agencies involved in Whistle Blower Retaliation against me.  And he received the same unconstitutional, unethical treatment from the University of Montana, Montana Police, Montana County Attorneys and Montana Judges as did I, Crystal Cox and Michael Spreadbury whom had been reporting on Montana Corruption for many years prior.

Michael Spreadbury and I, Crystal Cox, told Montana Cops, Judges, Investigators, County Attorneys, Newspapers, the Attorney General, Judges and more about what cops were doing to the citizens of Montana and we were RETALIATED against in the the EXTREME.  

Bill (William) Windsor of Lawless America reported on our story, essentially a reporter reporting on reporters and he then faced Extreme Whistle Blower Retaliation himself, and with MASSIVE documented proof of what happened to him, he was and is painted out as the abuser when he is CLEARLY the VICTIM, as a matter of LAW and with MASSIVE undeniable evidence.

The Historic Recall Efforts of the Lincoln County Recall Committee of 2009 in effort to DEMAND accountability from police, judges, the sheriff, detectives and county attorneys regarding the issue of widespread failure to prosecute or competently investigate RAPES is what brought Bill Windsor of Lawless America to Montana, that is the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

The Widespread Cover up of RAPE and the Culture of Corruption in Montana is what led to Michael Spreadbury and Crystal Cox reporting on what was happening in their town. This is what drew the eye of anti-corruption blogger, whistle blower, and film producer Bill Windsor.  And what ultimately got Bill Windsor JAILED in the State of Montana.

To Research More on the Historic attempt to Recall Sheriff Anderson in Lincoln County Montana due to an overwhelming number of RAPES that were NOT taken serious, investigated or prosecuted AND the fact that the rapists were repeatedly protected by law enforcement, the county attorney and judges; see links below

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Below is the Letter to the Editor Sean Boushie Posted in which he interjected himself, willingly, into this highly public, heated, controversial debate.

I, Crystal Cox, rebutted this letter to the editor and that was the very beginning of Sean Boushie's harassment, defamation, bullying, intimidating, hate crime, retaliation campaign against me and anyone who reported on my story.

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