Monday, May 4, 2015

the First Amendment TRUMPS Montana Protective Orders. It is Flat out against the Law to use a protective order to shut up a REPORTER. As soon as Anti-Corruption Film Producer Bill Windsor's case hits federal courts, then goes to the Ninth Circuit, the University of Montana and Montana Law Enforcement will be EXPOSED for using Unconstitutional Protective Orders to Chill Speech and Cover up wide spread corruption in Montana.

The State of Montana is among the most corrupt in the nation.  Montana Law Enforcement, the University of Montana, Montana Judges, Montana Commissioners, Chief of Police County Attorneys, Montana Senators and the Montana Governor are all in on using Protective Orders as if there is real danger and stopping the flow of Free Speech, in clear violation of the First Amendment.

It is not constitutional nor lawful, as proven by higher courts over and over, to chill the speech of reporters. Yet in Montana, Sean Boushie threatened to Kill Me, he harassed me, stalked me, endangered my life and ruined my business. Yet the University of Montana paid him to do so, and ALL levels of Montana Law enforcement protect him.

I was unable to get a protective order against Sean Boushie, though he threatened to kill me. And the 2 different film producers her asked where I would be filmed at, they have no protection either.

Bill Windsor picked up the story of just how corrupt Montana is and how Montana uses protective orders to jail people, death by cop, prison time, suppress speech and more. And then the State of Montana went after Bill Windsor and protected the corruption judges, cops, governor, senators and county attorneys.

Sean Boushie threatened to kill Bill Windsor and is said to have shot at him, yet Bill Windsor, nor I, Crystal Cox could get protection. I was told because Sean Boushie was not my boyfriend, no protective order. Yet he got one against me, because I showed the police his death threat email send to me.

The University of Montana Royce Engstrom ignored this for years, the U of M and Montana Law enforcement at every level ignored rapes in which is what I was reporting on, they ignore and even pay death threat stalkers, and as the years, web stats, documents, and massive proof pile up over years, still the university of Montana does nothing.

Montana jails Bill Windsor for not wanting to be threatened and harassed. It is all true stuff folks. And once there is a civil case filed in federal court. Montana Law enforcement, the U of M, and every level of all this for years will most likely end up paying the Lawless America production company 10's of millions.

Every single word that Bill Windsor of Lawless America has said about the State of Montana, Montana Cops and Judges, Montana Courts, the University of Montana and Sean Boushie, is ALL 100% Factual as far as I have read it and experienced it myself as a Montana Anti-Corruption Blogger who tried to expose all this corruption in Montana for years.

A few Research Links

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Gives Sean Boushie a Protective Order AGAINST CRYSTAL Cox and Refuse to Give Crystal Cox PROTECTION from the Sean Boushie who had threatened to Kill Her.

Stephen Mocko Complaint against Sean Boushie regarding Crystal Cox

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Here is My Ninth Circuit WIN, surely this will be used once Lawless America sues all the players in this including Missoula County, the State of Montana, and the University of Montana. As well as Ravalli County and more.  It is Bill Windsor's Civil Right to report on, tell one and try and get help from those trying to kill him, threatening him, harassing him and ruining his life. It is his First Amendment Right to break the news, report on the Montana Corruption story I was telling about rape and corruption in Montana when he picked up my story and has undergone years of massive attack from those in power in Montana whom are suppose to protect us.

It is going to be so GREAT when all these folks are sued in a Federal Court outside of the Corruption in Montana, and the First Amendment will actually apply.

Here is my case precedence that Gives ALL anti-corruption bloggers Equal rights as Journalists

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