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Missoula County Attorney Office, Tyler Dugger, Jennifer Clark, Fred Van Valkenburg "think" and "believe" and seem to have no ability to find OBVIOUS, Blatant, Clear Adjudicated fact. So, what the heck, let's let the Bad Guy say he is the Good Guy and Believe every delusional, defamatory, malicious lie that comes out of his mouth. ~ New County Attorney Kirsten Pabst DOES NOTHING.

Tyler Dugger, Jennifer Clark, Fred Van Valkenburg stated this little nugget in the document below,
"reports of law enforcement and discussion the victims, which if true, I believe, constitutes sufficient probably cause to justify the filing of the charges .."

Source Linked Below
Fred Van Valkenburg

So Tyler Dugger, Jennifer Clark, Fred Van Valkenburg are CLEARLY willing to expose the State of Montana and the County of Missoula Montana to massive financial liability, based on an "I believe" and an "if true"? Really? Wow.


The Missoula County Attorney is willing to ruin a man's life, prosecute the WRONG GUY, silence a reporter, violate Civil and Constitutional rights and all based on IF's and "belief" ? WOW.

Well I know for sure that I did not "pass away" nor get money from a man in Eureka from his bank statements. And well the rest of the police report is FULL of Unverified, Unproven, Unadjudicated fact yet the
Missoula County Attorney Maliciously Prosecuted Anti-Corruption Film make William Windsor, and now the Missoula County Attorney is trying to convince the DOJ that Missoula is really working on this actually taking crime serious thing?? Really??

Did Tyler Dugger, Jennifer Clark, Fred Van Valkenburg of the Missoula County Attorney office DO ANY investigation what so ever?

I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, says they did not even try and fact check Sean Boushie or the University of Montana, and they surely did NO investigation.

And I Allege that the Missoula County Attorney's office is part of covering up corruption in Montana and that the Bill Windsor, Michael Spreadbury and Crystal Cox Whistleblower Retaliation by Montana Cops and Judges has proved this over and over again.

Tyler Dugger
Sean Boushie has been harming people emotionally, physically, financially and ruining lives for years, around 8 for me. And 80% on PAID time by the University of Montana, this is a fact that is easily found if Tyler Dugger, Jennifer Clark, Fred Van Valkenburg wanted to instead of to simply aid and abet in covering up decades of corruption in the State of Montana.

And what does current Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst say about this? Does  Kirsten Pabst really care about prosecuting Criminals, or more about jailing reporters exposing corruption in and among Montana's Law Enforcement process?

Check this Out

"U.S. Department of Justice officials said Monday they see "troubling signs" in a letter Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst wrote, casting blame on a Missoula rape victim and attempting to stop publication of author Jon Krakauer's book "Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town."

Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst; "In the letter to delay the publication of Krakauer's book, Pabst used Belnap's story to highlight the "one-sided journalism" she alleges Krakauer used in investigating sexual assault prosecutions in Missoula."

GUESS What Kirsten Pabst, the TRUTH is one sided, it is either True or not and in the case of the Missoula Police and the University of Montana president Royce Engstrom and the U of M police, they DO NOT take rape or stalking serious and in fact pay people to do it. The FACTS are out there should Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst care to READ them.

Source of Quotes from Above, New Book EXPOSING Missoula Rapes

Rape is an Epidemic in Montana. 

People like me who have reported on it for decades have been silenced over and over. Cops who try and prosecute are ran out of town. The Missoula Police department does NOT take stalking and rape serious as a matter of record and a matter of FACT, and this is spread across Montana's Judicial Process, as a matter of FACT.

Chief Mike Brady and UM President Royce Engstrom ARE part of covering up corruption and NOT about uncovering it as proven clearly by their protection of University of Montana stalker Sean Boushie and their over the top, malicious prosecution of bloggers such as Bill Windsor, Crystal Cox and Michael Spreadbury who have tried to expose surrounding corruption and have, themselves been set up by cops and judges and had protective orders silence them from reporting the NEWS of corruption in the State of Montana. 

In Montana, the date rape drug is used EVERYWHERE. 

It makes you way drunker then you really are. It makes one drink as if it is 10. You are suggestible and do what your assailant tells you do to, so later you look willing or hanging on them.  When you report the crime you, the victim, are blamed for their own crime. You appear drunk when you are not. Clearly Kirsten Pabst is CLUELESS on what really happens.

This is heavy in Missoula, Ravalli, and Lincoln County and spreads to the entire state. I reported on this for nearly a decade now. And the solution for Montana authorities was to give a man who threatened to kill me, a protective order to STOP me talking about him online or talking about his place of employment, the University of Montana. They SHUT ME UP instead of investigating the RAPES, the Cops, the Judges, the Death by Cop and the Culture of Corruption in Montana.

All this to protect corrupt cops covering up rape, drug running and lot's more in Montana.

These same "Officials" did the same thing to Anti-Corruption blogger, reporter, and film producer Bill Windsor of Lawless America telling my story, of what Montana Law Enforcement did to me to SHUT me up when I was reporting on the massive rapes that cops in Montana DO NOT INVESTIGATE or Prosecute, as a matter of FACT.

All this from a Police Report that is CLEARLY Delusional, as a matter of fact.

uper Sleuth ~ NOT

Who in the hell is Detective Chris Shermer, the Barney Fife of Missoula Montana?

Detective Chris Shermer BELIEVED a Police report that I, Crystal Cox, had passed away and my alleged victims list (really people I reported on) was handed down to some anti-corruption film documentary guy to allegedly carry on with my alleged attack? WOW. I would love to sell Chris Shermer a Bridge, or maybe Ethan Smith, these guys will believe just about anything and have no brain, balls or backbone to do even the tiniest of research into whether I have "passed away" or NOT.

The police report, it seems, says that Detective Chris Shermer wrote down that Sean Boushie said that Bill Windsor allegedly took over my alleged victim list when I passed away. First of all can Detective Chris Shermer not even research whether someone is alive or not? Secondly, did Detective Chris Shermer write that down wrong or did Sean Boushie really say I had "passed away"

A protective order to STOP someone from saying your name online or griping? Really? Well not according to other civilized states or the Ninth Circuit which governs Montana's First Amendment violations. It is a matter of LAW that Bill Windsor has a constitutional right to REPORT on, to gripe, to talk about Sean Boushie and the University of Montana, PERIOD.


Check out my Ninth Circuit Precedent, VICTORY that levels the playing field. ALL have a right, as a matter of LAW to report, to blog, to post. It is not something that someone gets a protective order over. Montana is suppressing speech, chilling speech and ALL to cover up Corruption among Montana Judges, Cops, the Montana Attorney General, Montana Senators and the Montana Governor.

Click Below to Read Ninth Circuit Case - Clearly ALL have the right to break news, to blog and even to tell on the University of Montana and of Corruption in Hamilton Montana. WOW

More about this Landmark Ruling heard round the world

The University of Montana is under worldwide watch for MASSIVE Rapes and it's DOJ investigation.  They still seem to be silencing those who dare to TELL ON THEM.

It is a COMPLETE Violation of Bill Windsor's rights to use a Montana Protective Order to STOP him from reporting on the FACT that the University of Montana IGNORES Criminal Reports, aids and abets stalkers, DOES not listen to victims when they report what happens to them and is a place where rapes and stalking is an epidemic.

There is a CLEAR Pattern and History in the actions of the University of Montana Police, the Missoula and Hamilton Police, Judge Haynes and more involved in all this and you are ALL Liable and you are doing it to another reporter just as you did me. Not to Bright Folks. You are familiar with RICO Lawsuits right? Pattern and History will be easy to prove in this case.

Bill Windsor is Pro Se and has EVERY right to contact the attorney for the opposition, in this case CLAUDIA Denker Eccles of the University of Montana.  The Malicious Prosecution of Bill Windsor by the Missoula County Attorney is clearly to PROTECT the University of Montana and completely outside of Due Process Laws, Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights.

Just IMAGINE how much money the Missoula County Attorney and Missoula Police have put into VIOLATING the First Amendment Rights of a Reporter, a Citizen, a Whistleblower exposing corruption in the State of Montana. All at the same time they are telling the DOJ, ya we care about justice here in Missoula Montana. Ummm NO they Don't.

Did the State of Montana, also conspire with the State of Texas to harass, badger, intimidate and arrest a Senior citizen who was actually the true and REAL victim of a Montana resident, and all to Cover Up CORRUPTION in Montana?

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox says YOU Bet they did and that is not all.

Here is the Document I am referring to Above, where the Missoula County Attorney says if the victim is to be believed... WOW

To View Online or to Download

So funny when the DOJ came to the University of Montana to investigate rapes, the whimpering Missoula Mayor and the Chief of Police in Missoula flat out LIED when they told the media that this was not something that happens ALL THE Time and is ignored by them ALL in favor of rapists and stalkers, they also acted as if they would take it all more serious, and yet they target someone actually helping thousands upon thousands of victims of injustice across the United States.

False information on the police report that Ethan Smith took, Paul Kelly Reviewed Detective Chris Shermer went along with, ya know false information such as I am CERTAINLY not PASSED AWAY. And yet the Missoula County Attorney takes this as FACT and CLEARLY violates the Civil and Constitutional Rights of a reporter, a senior citizen, based on this easy to prove NON-FACT. WOW. Talk about Massive Liability, what a bunch of dumbasses.  YOU WILL ALL BE EXPOSED.
And I hope Indicted.

Police Report FULL of Sean Boushie LIES and Gullible Police believing every delusional word.

It is HIGHLY Unconstitutional for the Missoula County Attorney, a Montana Judges, and Montana Cops to "bar" anyone from speaking about the University of Montana or Sean Boushie. It is our constitutional right to grip, to break news, to issue opinion, to state fact, to yammer, to ponder, to make fun of and to parody whom ever we please.

As my emails from the FBI clearly show are LEGAL.

A Bit more about the Bogus, Hocus Pocus Police Report that Got Sean Boushie an unethical, unconstitutional Protective Order to STOP someone from blogging about him, tweeting, facebooking, emailing or any other form of say FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Oh and the Protective Order PROTECTED the Corrupt Lawless University of Montana President and Police there too. WOW.

Officer Ethan Smith of the Missoula City Police Dept. must be a real smart guy. He takes a police report with all manner of delusional accusations, believes it word for word and sets of a rampage of retaliation against a Whistleblower, a Reporter, a Film Produce, and an Anti-Corruption Blogger, William Windsor of Lawless America.

Officer Ethan Smith does no, say, LOOKING, into the allegations, the alleged bank statements that paid Crystal Cox or me Passing Away. Officer Ethan Smith just takes the word of the REAL BAD GUY and eventually the GOOD GUY HERO is arrested. All to hide corruption in the State of Montana.

Superviser Missoula Police Paul Kelly is a real knucklehead as well, he reviewed the report it seems and signed off on it, it looks like. And nobody asked me if I passed away. I am so hurt.

Oh but you see,  Missoula Copper Paul Kelly is no fan of Civil Rights, that is for sure. Death By Cop seems to be his forte, so why would he notice that I had not passed away and taunt, harass, arrest a reporter who was telling my story.

Superviser Missoula Police Paul Kelly reviewed Ethan Smiths report he took from Sean Boushie, University of Montana STALKER, you Know the cop accused of MURDER.

Gee how did Mr. Kelly miss that part about Crystal Cox passing away? Were they conspiring with Sean Boushie and other Montana Law Enforcement to KILL ME?

"Newell told the Missoulian on Friday that nothing in his investigation indicated the use of lethal force by Missoula Police Cpl. Paul Kelly wasn’t justified. Per protocol, Kelly has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is complete."

Source and Full Article

No worries Death by Copy is a standard of practice in the State of Montana.

You see I AGREE, Ferguson, Missouri is EVERYWHERE. 

I have reported on death by cop in Montana for over a decade. Set ups, anything to arrest you, get you in a cop car and kill you. Cases where the cops take drug money and kill the drug dealer and never report it. Transparency and Accountability is NOT a way of life among Montana Law Enforcement.

So here is the JURY saying it was JUSTIFIED. See, No Worries. Paul Kelly had good reason to murder someone instead of, say, a hundred different options. No wonder he did not NOTICE that I, had, indeed NOT passed away.

So about that Police Report.


*  Sean Boushie is NOT the Victim, Bill Windsor is, AS a matter of LAW,
Fact and constitutional rights.

* Bill Windsor did not cross the country to harass Sean Boushie. He took over 1200 videos of corruption and WOW the University of Montana is a Goldmine of corruption and cover up, and was / is in the NATIONAL EYE for Rampant RAPES. Bill is an Investigative Reporter, an Anti-Corruption Producer. Sean Boushie ruined his life. Montana protected him to do so. Makes a great anti-corruption story I'd say.

*  I have been emailed by Sean Boushie hundreds of times, attacked on line thousands, and I have massive proof of which the Missoula, Hamilton and Eureka Montana have known about for years. So has the University of Montana Police and Missoula Detective Jamie Merifield.

*  Mr. Boushie's father was not involved in the Freeman incident. His father in law was, and that story is another GREAT story of Montana Corruption Cover Up.

*  I have not engaged in phone calls, blogging or legal action in any way to try and get money. I have sued Sean Boushie and the University of Montana in multiple RICO Lawsuits, and will continue until I prove what the University of Montana did as well as Montana Law Enforcement.

*  I have no list of victims. I have thousands of stories on corruption in our legal system.

* I have NOT "passed away"

*  I was never hired to harass anyone. However, I do believe the University of Montana hired Sean Boushie to harass anti-corruption bloggers.

*  I never received any money from Sean Boushie's father or father in law for any reason. Yet these knuckle headed cops believe this with NO PROOF?  Where are these bank statements?

*  I have no "method". I EXPOSE corrupt cops, attorneys, CEO's, Judges, and more. That is all. I am an anti-corruption blogger, PERIOD.

* I never amassed and hid $6 Million Dollars.

*  I too tracked down Sean Boushie's boss years ago. BECAUSE Sean Threatened to KILL ME.

*  I too rent hotel rooms under a business name, as do thousands of others.

*  The ALARMING History painted is that of Sean Boushie to all of us and not directed at him. WOW, did these cops investigate anything REAL at all?

Link to the BOGUS Police Report that JAILS a Reporter in Montana for exposing Montana Cops, Judges and the University of Montana's total lack of protecting victims on and off campus.

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