Monday, May 18, 2015

Bill Windsor; Lawless America is a HERO, without a Doubt. When the State of Montana is named in a RICO Lawsuit and Criminal Complaint Federally, Just Imagine what will have to be Paid for all this clear civil and constitutional rights violations.

"Witness List, Evidence, and Pre-Trial Motions consume Bill Windsor's time

Witness List, Evidence, and Pre-Trial Motions consume Bill Windsor's time.

On his bedside table is a two-inch stack of material yet to be read about how to do what he's been doing...

Bill Windsor outlined his defense from his jail cell.  There are a number of reasons why Bill Windsor cannot possibly be found guilty of violating a non-existent protective order for the man who offered rewards for his death and then shot at him and attempted to kill him.

Therte should be no charges.  The case should be dismissed based upon a number of reasons.  But Bill Windsor learned that the only thing he can be sure of in Montana is the corruption.  So he plugs away."


"Bill Windsor has sent a Subpoena to his Judge James A. Haynes for a Deposition

Bill Windsor has sent a Deposition Subpoena to his Judge,Judge James A. Haynes.
That's right.  Judge James A. Haynes is a fact witness in William M. Windsor's criminal trial for publishing the name of the man who attempted to murder him.  Judge James A. Haynes needs to be disqualified.  That Motion to Disqualify was filed last week.
Bill Windsor sought a temporary order of protection from Sean Boushie in 2013, and Judge James A. Haynes denied it, just as he had done previously when others sought protection from Sean Boushie...
Judge James A. Haynes said Sean Boushie would have to be arrested and convicted before Bill Windsor could get a temporary order of protection against Sean Boushie.  Nah, that's not how it works.  Judges don't enjoy being asked to take a seat as a witness.  In this case, the testimony of Judge James A. Haynes and the other judges who have been involved in protecting Sean Boushie is critical to one of Bill Windsor's defenses.  It should be exciting.
The Notice of Filing Requests for Subpoenas with the originals of each Subpoena Request will be filed on May 18, 2015."
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