Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Detective Chris Shermer has an innocent senior citizen, a reporter arrested due to the LIES in his police report of which he did not bother to check. Detective Chris Shermer turns a blind eye to REAL Corruption and Crimes in MONTANA and we are to care about his Butt Crack?

In Montana "Lady Cops" are harassed CONSTANTLY. They are put down, demeaned, demoted and plain ol' have no voice. And yes the are constantly HARASSED.

I have reported on corruption in Montana for around 11 years now, and well, woman in the police force face more harassment then ol' Detective Chris Shermer cares to even acknowledge, little own do anything to actually change law enforcement in Montana for the better.

Yet Chris Shermer gets a big voice and lot's of Media whore attention, when a gal runs her pinky between his buttocks and whispers an inuendo.

OMFG Chris Shermer, what is wrong with YOU?

Have you NO Conscience what so EVER ?

I have been threatened to be killed by Sean Boushie, I have been stalked harassed, attacked, sued, and run out of my home state. I lost my home, my life as I knew and to STAY ALIVE due to Montana Corruption I have had to keep fighting for my life EVERY SINGLE DAY. Meanwhile cops like you protect the University of Montana and protect criminals who really do actually harm people for real, in REAL LIFE, outside of your office.

And the journalists that try and tell our story and protect us from Montana Stalkers, and from the University of Montana's epidemic of Rapes that the Missoula Cops and U o M Police DO NOTHING about, you JAIL the Guy. What a Dick you are.

I reported on rapes in Montana, was threatened by rapist, sent horrible pictures and much more then you could ever imagine.  I have reported on and know more about corruption in Montana than your whole feeble career will turn up. How do I know this? Well you don't even have brains enough to see who the victim is and who the bad guy is even when the bad guy allegedly tells you or you wrote down on "assident" that I passed away.

Bill Windsor was reporting on me, Crystal Cox and on Michael Spreadbury and the TRUE story of what we were TRUTHFULLY reporting about the Corrupt Cops and Judges in the State of Montana.
Then he became a target of those same corrupt cops, judges and the University of Montana ALL hiding corruption in the State of Montana.

I was but one of around 1200 corruption stories across America in which William (Bill) Windsor was telling. reporting on.  Meanwhile, Sean Boushie sits at work, PAID by the University of Montana and ruins Bill's life, shoots at him, threatens to kill him, taunts him, harasses him and has put us under 6 years and counting of massive duress and you reward him and lock up the GOOD GUY.

Oh and you write down in an OFFICIAL Police Report that I have passed away. ALL THIS and your Dumb Ass is still a detective and you are whimpering about a gal fingering your ass crack, REALLY? WOW.

Take a Look folks poor Detective Chris Shermer seems to have been EMBARRASSED, meanwhile corruption, stalking, rape and the arrest of an innocent journalist is caused and also aided and abetted by him.  And this does not EMBARASS you? Really? Well then your moral compass is all fucked up, oh "in my OPINION".

Here is that Article

Detective Chris Shermer you will be sued, clearly you must know this.

My Ninth Circuit case makes it pretty clear that BILL WINDSOR has a legal right to report on Sean Boushie and the University of MONTANA and Montana Law Enforcement nor the constitutional rights stomping Missoula County Attorney have a right to use a Montana Protective Order to SILENCE someone reporting on corruption in Montana.

I Wonder how dumb or blind, or possibly corrupt a cop would have to actually be to take a report that is delusional, such as the one he took from Sean Boushie, and actually write down that I passed away, not research it and take Sean's complaint as real? WOW.

Well that's right up there with the dingy email I got years ago from a Detective Jamie Merifield of the Missoula Police Department when I told her and gave her the email that Sean Boushie threatened to kill me. Well see with the super powers of the Missoula Police department, she simply went to the University of Montana asked the PERP, hey PERP did ya do it, Sean Boushie said no and she said, ok well theres that.. and SHE did NOTHING to investigate or protect me.

Sean Boushie went on to conspire with hundreds of others and do the same thing to me for 6 years and counting now, and has a whole lot more victims including Bill Windsor.

WOW the Liability of the Missoula Police Department, YOU KNEW Sean was the bad guy and NOT Bill but you aided and abetted CORRUPT COPS and JUDGES to hide / cover up decades of corruption in Montana and now you will all be named in Federal RICO Legal Actions, as there is CLEAR and CONVINCING Pattern and History to your actions.  And WOW what a great case there will be against you ALL financially, as umm..  hmmm YEP You KNEW years ago.

Oh Sorry Chris Shermer does your Butt HURT? I know I Feel GREAT, coming back from the DEAD and all.  WOW, what a Ride. Now I am a ZOMBIE, wonder if you will now arrest me and take away my First Amendment rights, me being "Passed Away" and ALL.

Look at this Bullshit

Detective Chris Shermer blowing smoke on Fox News as if he really does track IP address and can do any of this. Bill Windsor is Sean Boushie's Victim, that is EASY to see and to prove, yet Detective Butthurt cannot even discover that.  But he is on Montana Fox News acting as if this is his specialty.

Well Detective Chris Shermer I have been reporting on Human Trafficking for REAL for over a decade and especially over the last 5 years working closely with insiders. You are aiding and abetting the bad guys and JAILING the reporters helping the Human Trafficking Victims.

Time to Get your Moral Compass Fixed Chris Shermer. Bill Windsor is the VICTIM and the Good Guy. If you want a REAL career that is of the LIGHT and TRUTH and not Corruption and the DARK, time to start investigating FOR REAL.

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