Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tyler Dugger and Missoula County Chief Deputy County Attorney, Jennifer Clark seem to be aiding and abetting Montana Corruption. The University of Montana has NO Respect for Victims of Stalkers. The University of Montana only wants to Silence Reporters.

Bill Windsor has violated Montana Law because as his own attorney, PRO SE, he emailed the attorney for the opposition in his case, Claudia Denker - Eccles?

That is simply not TRUE. Not even a little bit.

Why is the University of Montana operating so far outside of law. Why is the University of


So we see County Attorney Tyler Dugger - Intern and Missoula County Chief Deputy County Attorney, Jennifer Clark aiding and abetting Montana Corruption.

There is State and Federal investigations going on in many states regarding all this and now we have a few more who have fingerprinted themselves in covering up massive corruption in Montana.

It is certainly NOT a violation of an unconstitutional protective order to email the opposition in your legal case. Bill Windsor is his own attorney.

Missoula Detectives DO NOT care that Sean Boushie is the one has harassed, and has had years and years of harassment campaigns. There is tons of evidence, yet Sean Boushie states he has been harassed and Missoula Montana Dipshit Detective say oh ok.

Just like Detective Jamie Meriwether in my case years ago.

I imagine they are threatened by those higher up on the political food chain. However, the law is still the law and it is very much so Bill Windsor's right to own and operate a Gripe Site about anyone, anywhere, even Sean Boushie.

The substantial online harassment has come from Sean Boushie, NOT to Sean Boushie. Montana authorities have known this for years and years.

State of Montana v. William M. Windsor ? Jailed, Under arrest, for Blogging? Really? Montana is seriously acting outside of the Law and the United States Constitution.

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