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Missoula County Attorney and Missoula Police Detective Chris Shermer have ruined a man's life, violated civil and constitutional rights and all based on MASSIVE "Factual Inaccuracy". Yet now Jennifer Clark of the Missoula County Attorney office is crying SANCTIONS because she claims Bill Windsor has filed a factual inaccuracy.

Yes, Jennifer Clark, this case will go Federal and not only out of Montana but it will be in Nevada and New York RICO filings connected to all of this and it will be a Department of Justice complaint. This will NOT slip under the rug of Montana Corruption. 


The University of Montana, the Missoula Police, Hamilton Judges, and Lincoln County Montana Judges and law enforcement all connected to this have a HUGE liability to the damage they caused me and Michael Spreadbury. Bill Windsor simply reported our "factually accurate" story and was ATTACKED by Montana Law Enforcement.

Missoula County Attorney (Deputy) Jennifer Clark and Missoula Police Detective Chris Shermer have made a mess and ruined lives, as they act outside of the law in a massive array of NON Factual Information, otherwise known as MASSIVE "factual inaccuracy".

Yet now we see Jennifer Clark of the Missoula County Attorney is whining because she "feels" Bill Windsor misheard her and is not being "factually accurate" so she is crying SANCTIONS. 

Yet the Missoula County Attorney and Missoula Police Detective Chris Shermer have flat out lied in court filings, in pleadings, in motions and have used those lies to violate the civil rights of producer, blogger, journalist Bill Windsor. Talk about a HUGE misrepresentation of FACTS and willfully, wanton and with FULL knowledge that they were NOT FACT.

STOP Missoula County from it's Reign of Terror on rape victims, stalking victims, harassment and bullied victims AND hold Missoula County Attorney, Missoula Police Detective and Chief, and the University of Montana liable for the damage they have caused endless amounts of people over decades.

Montana Bloggers Crystal L. Cox and Michael Spreadbury were FACTUALLY ACCURATE in reporting on Montana Corruption for years. And we were stalked, sued, brought up on false and inaccurate charges, jailed, targeted, retaliated against and massively bullied and terrorized by the University of Montana.  Film Documentary Producer, Anti-Corruption Blogger, Journalist earnestly and factually reported on our story and Montana Corruption has retaliated, with no concern of Shield Laws, Retraction Laws, Free Speech Rights or the First Amendment whatsoever. 

IT IS FLAT OUT UNconstitutional to use a 
Protective Order to Chill Speech or to even flat out stop speech that 
speaks critical of Montana Law Enforcement.

Bill Windsor of Lawless America was FACTUALLY ACCURATE in his reporting our story of rampant Montana Corruption. And instead of the Missoula County Attorney or any other law enforcement agency looking into these clear and convincing crimes, they simply went after the reporter telling our story, Bill Windsor. And they continue to attack him, defame him and violate his civil rights on a daily basis.

Montana Shield Laws, the First Amendment and Civil Rights seem to be of no concern to Missoula County Attorney, Jennifer Clark.  This case is based entirely on "Factual Inaccuracy"

Yet now Jennifer Clark is whining for a motion to be withdrawn and blog posts changed that state what she was heard saying by the filer, the poster. And is his First Amendment right to publish. 

Bill Windsor is fighting for his life. He is up against massive lawlessness and corruption in the state of Montana and that is a FACT. Yet Jennifer Clark threatens SANCTION?   Wow, I wonder what they could possible do now? Millions in bail, harassment, gps tracking, health issues, jailed in many states, bullied, berated, harassed and oh no, now a SANCTION for some alleged misrepresentation? What a Crock of Corruption.
So now we know there can be SANCTIONS for Misrepresentation. Gee I hope that Bill Windsor can have EQUAL RIGHTS and legally be able to file SANCTIONS against JENNIFER CLARK for massive FACTUAL INACCURACY

Check Out this whiny dribble based outside of LAW:

"From: Jennifer Clark <>
To: Christopher Daly <>; William Windsor <> 
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 9:13 AM
Subject: Re: DC-14-509: Motion for Stay and Continuance just filed - Federal Investigation Issue

you motion is inaccurate.  There is not a federal investigation and I never said that it was in the hands of the US attorney.  I will be asking for sanctions unless you withdraw your motion and make it factually accurate.  "

So why is there NO FEDERAL INVESTIGATION?  Oh ya what happens in Montana Corruption stays in Montana. We don't want the whole world knowing how CORRUPT Montana really is. We like to keep it among CORRUPT Montana County Attorneys, Detectives, Judges and our beloved Corrupt Montana Supreme Court.

OOPS, However, it was FEDERAL to begin with, RIGHT?   I mean Bill Windsor was never a Montana Resident so why was the DOJ, The FBI, the FEDS not involved immediately? That is if thes case is LEGIT.   When a case involves people in different states, it is diversity, it is Federal. It is across state lines. Montana trying to keep this all quiet, well that is certainly not legal and will all be in my DOJ complaint coming soon.

SO YA it is and SHOULD BE Federal Jennifer, perhaps some law review is necessary for ya. No time now but perhaps I will put those laws in a future post for ya.

Now Lawless Jennifer Clark says, 

"From: Jennifer Clark <>
To: William Windsor 
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 1:15 PM
Subject: Re: DC-14-509: Motion for Stay and Continuance just filed - Federal Investigation Issue

I said I spoke to the US attorney's office.  Please correct or withdraw your false filing and postings.Additionally, the case will not be going federally."

Oh YAY now we can expect JUSTICE RIGHT?

So if Jennifer Clark actually "spoke" to the U.S attorneys office, did she tell them what Chris Shermer has done in taking a factually inaccurate report and jailing a man over it? Did she tell them about Crystal Cox and my true and correct chronology of events, crimes? And that Bill Windsor was reporting on me and Michael Spreadbury who were then Montana Citizens reporting FACTUALLY ACCURATE on Montana Corruption?

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney that Missoula County DOES NOT take rape or stalking serious and flat out lied to the DOJ?

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney that Detective Chris Shermer took a FALSE REPORT, did no investigation and yet took it as fact and jailed an innocent reporter with NO First Amendment Adjudication, No Civil Rights or Due Process, and no concern of the Shield Laws in which protect reports such as Bill Windsor?

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney what the University of Montana did to Crystal Cox and to Michael Spreadbury in this same exact pattern of using an unconstitutional protective order to suppress our Free Speech Rights? That there is criminal RICO complaints here as there is CLEAR pattern and history in all this?

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney that Sean Boushie threatened to kill Crystal Cox and the Bill Windsor reported on it, and Sean Boushie threatened Windsor year after year?

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney that Sean Boushie harassed other film producers that Crystal Cox interviewed about corruption in Hamilton and Missoula Montana as well as Lincoln County Montana. Or that she has seen the sworn affidavit below on all this:

Click Below to Read

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney how bad the corruption is that Bill is exposing or is she simply hell bent on prosecuting a man for allegedly tweeting the name of a man who harassed him for years, ruined his life and business, and put him in constant danger? 

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney anything at all that would actually bring criminals to justice or make the world a better place for any of us?

Did Jennifer Clark show the U.S attorney every case filing, exhibits and proof? Such as this

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. attorney anything about Bill's complaint against Sean Boushie and the University of Montana which is actually FACTUAL?

check out

Did Jennifer Clark tell the U.S. Attorney 

NO worries though, We will tell the TRUTH, 
the WHOLE Truth and Nothing But for you.

Much, MUCH, and MUCH more coming SOON.

Bill Windsor and the rest of us citizens deserve transparency. All information needs to be in writing and filed in a court of law. And not used to bully litigants into hiding corruption.

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