Thursday, August 27, 2015

A CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED Activity YET the State of Montana uses Protective Orders to HARSHLY and Unconstitutionally shut down SPEECH that Speaks Critical of Montana Law Enforcement and the University of Montana, otherwise known as Whistle blower Retaliation and Selective Prosecution.

So there was a Made Up Tweet aKa Falsified Evidence, and there was no protective order and even if there was a protective ORDER,  it SIMPLY does not apply to a CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED Activity. WOW. 

I would say that the Missoula County Attorney's Office, Missoula County, the Missoula Police, Ravalli County, the Hamilton Police and the University of Montana will be paying 100's of Millions of Dollars to Michael Spreadbury, Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor. As You see the Montana Police went after Michael and Crystal with Protective Orders in hand, to STOP them from Blogging. Yet hmmm, it was clearly A CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED Activity, and they CLEARLY knew this.

These same Montana Agencies that have CLEARLY Falsified Evidence against Bill Windsor to suppress information, chill online speech and flat out STOP the flow of information; well they did the same thing to the blogs of Crystal Cox and Michael Spreadbury, of which Windsor was FACTUALLY reporting on.

Crystal Cox's blogs were flat out shut down by a Protective Order, the man that threatened to kill her got, (Sean Boushie in case you forgot). Ya my blogs were shut down and I was not allowed to speak or blog his name or the University of Montana for a year, or I WOULD GO TO JAIL.

These same group of Law Enforcement agencies and the University of Montana, used an Unconstitutional PROTECTIVE ORDER to Shut down my blogs.  Yet now we see the MT Supreme Court rule that NOT allowed, AS A MATTER OF LAW.

And this same group shut down Michael Spreadbury's constitutionally protected blogs and websites.

So Pattern and History? You Bet there is and LOT's of Evidence to that FACT.

 I, for one, can hardly wait for that RICO Lawsuit against ALL OF Ya'll. Coming Soon.

So now about this Blogging as "A CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED Activity"?

Say What? Even in Montana? Ya don't say.

Well we already know that RIGHT? Yet here we have it CRIMINAL in Good Ol' Corrupt Missoula Montana, AGAIN? Not only should this case be CLEARLY dismissed but there should be an internal affairs investigation, a DOJ investigation, an FBI investigation and a Human Rights investigation into all of these agencies Immediately.  The EVIDENCE against them is mountainous and times 3, as they did this to all three of us and we all have lot's of proof. So ya, Criminal RICO and Civil RICO coming up, ASAP.

Not even a Civil Case, but CRIMINAL.

Doesn't Jennifer Clark of the Missoula County Attorney Office KNOW anything about the First Amendment? Has she researched the Boushie / Windsor history at all? Or any Montana Supreme Court cases, or say Ninth Circuit cases about BLOGGING?

Well look at this;

"The Montana Supreme Court previously ruled in Windsor v. Boushie that William M. Windsor’s blogging is not stalking and cannot be denied by any order of protection. Tweeting is a short form of blogging.

“…the offense of stalking does not apply to a constitutionally protected activity, § 45-5-220(2), MCA, and, as the District Court noted, the blogging alleged here involved First Amendment ‘free speech’ rights with which [Windsor and Boushie] each appear familiar and in which they regularly engage.” (Windsor v. Boushie, DA 13-0618 (Mont. 02/25/2014).)"

Source of above quote and Full Article

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