Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Felony Tweeting; Facing Prison for Tweeting - Update from Bill Windsor September 13, 2015; the State of Montana uses Protective Orders to Suppress Speech of those who expose Corruption in Montana. The State of Montana will do whatever it takes to SILENCE anti-corruption bloggers, journalists.

The Bill Windsor case is a clear violation of Human Rights, Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, Ethics and Law. And all to chill speech, to suppress speech, to violate First Amendment rights, and to hide decades if not centuries of massive evil, dirty dealings, oppression, crime and corruption in the State of Montana done by Judges, Cops, Detectives, the Supreme Court, County Attorneys, the University of Montana and many more divisions of law and state governing bodies.

The Bill Windsor case documents massive corruption in the State of Montana like no other case and it will trickle down to massive amounts of cases in Montana where these same folks violated people's Civil and Human rights to do just as the please, without consideration of law, ethics, REAL Montana Values, and constitutional rights.

These Montana Law Enforcement, Montana Judges, Montana Cops and Detectives, and all involved in this case have done something so massively evil here. As the right to speak, the right to not be threatened to be killed, and the right to tell the TRUTH has been seriously violated.

Bill Windsor has a HUGE, Clear and Convincing Civil Rights case against the State of Montana, State of Idaho, Ravalli County Montana, Missoula County Montana, Sean Boushie, the University of Montana, Royce Engstrom personally an professionally, Jennifer Clark personally and professionally, Chris Shermer personally and professionally, Judge Jim Haynes personally and professionally, the Missoula County Attorney office, the Missoula County Police and many MANY more.

And the all did so with willful intent to maliciously harm Bill Windsor and with full knowledge of what they were doing. As these exact same people and governing bodies as well as the University of Montana did this to me Crystal Cox when I was reporting on Peter Pilkey and Michael Spreadbury exposing corruption in Hamilton Montana and reporting on the historical recall efforts in Lincoln County Montana to recall Sheriff Darrel Anderson, as well as rampant corruption in Lincoln County Montana.

All those I allege are guilty of Civil Rights Violations against Bill Windsor, did so with malicious intent. The record clearly shows they did the same thing to Michael Spreadbury, Montana Investigative Blogger and to Crystal Cox, myself.  They knew all this was happening long before Bill Windsor and deliberately violated his Civil Rights in Extreme Retaliation for him exposing their corrupt, unethical and unconstitutional actions.

There is pattern and history and I believe also RICO claims to be made against all of the above.

Bill Windsor is liberating massive victims of all kinds of corruption, violence and oppression in the State of Montana.

I, Crystal Cox, went as far as I could and to go further would have faced false imprisonment, violence to me and possibly even death as threatened to me. I lost everything I knew to be my life, as did anyone who believed in me or cared about me. The amount of people connected to this is staggering and Bill Windsor is redeeming us all with the Truth.

What happened to me with these same people changed the course of my life forever and put me under years of torture and duress and massive economic loss, family loss, friends and more as I stood against them best I could for as long as I could.

What happened to Michael Spreadbury with these SAME people and entities changed the course of his life forever and put him under massive hardship for simply doing the right thing.

Michael Spreadbury is a very good investigative reporter, a strong and smart man, an educated man, and a man of true justice.   He stood against all odds against all of these folks and they caused him massive harm year after year. They violated Michael Spreadbury's civil rights to the extreme.

Bill Windsor, a man with a big heart, smart mind, incredible follow through and focus, creative, bold, altruistic and lot's of moxy, rode in on a white horse and breathed life into something that was about to take the lives of many that he may never know, including myself.

Bill Windsor is a hero to me, he always will be.  And he is a Hero to every citizen in Montana, whether they know or not.  As a 4th generation Montanan, I wept deeply at what was happening to people, to victims of these same people for decades. And as I attempted to report their story, I was retaliated against and eventually left my home town, my state, my people to save my life from these very people.

Bill speaks for all who cannot. He is giving voice to voiceless he may never personally know. And for all those victims of rape, corruption, violence in the state of Montana, Bill Windsor has brought hope.

Those who personally know me know that I am deeply spiritual and I tell you what Bill Windsor was an answer to my prayers, and to the prayers of so many fighting for their life against the Wall of Corruption in the State of Montana.  Bill Windsor is of the light, a man of great Holiness sent to help us by the Great Spirit. A man of White Light, Healing, and a powerful spiritual warrior and messenger standing for us all and against the most extreme of odds.

Corruption and being powerless in corrupt courts though you have stacks of proof is something that take a huge toll on our soul, brings a great darkness and grief that can only be understood by those who have lived it. It is intensely spiritual to bring light to this people by creating a path for them to come out of the dark.  Bill Windsor has done this.

Bill Windsor's case makes a beautiful passage of light for all victims in the State of Montana to STAND Up, Fight Back, and perservere against extreme retaliation and corruption.

Victims of Domestic Violence, rape victims, victims of economic terrorism whereby if you don't do as the corrupt official say then you lose your job or way to make a money and are usually ran out of town, victims of all manner of crimes, civil rights and human rights violations who simply had no rights at all until the Internet and they could tell their story. However, the State of Montana found a way to actually DELETE the First Amendment rights, and they did this for years upon years with unethical, illegal and unconstitutional protective orders.

Take a Look at Bill Windsors recent update on all this and some back story.

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