Wednesday, August 19, 2015

If what Bill Windsor ALLEGEDLY "did", tweeting that is, is a Federal Crime then why has Barney Fife, Detective Chris Shermer NOT filed federal charges? I Say Detective Chris Shermer and Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark are nothing but BULLIES. They have no facts and are simply trying to huff and puff their lies and get pleadings. The TRUTH will RISE UP.

Missoula Montana's Detective Chris Shermer and Deputy County Attorney Jennifer Clark are BULLIES, plain and simple. They seem to think they can yammer threats off the record and no one will KNOW. I say Bullshit to Bullies. YOU will be EXPOSED.

Dipshit Detective Chris Shermer has committed many criminal acts in my opinion and is criminally and civilly liable to Bill Windsor and the Lawless America Company. As SHERMER took a false report, knowing it was false and made false arrests that led to false imprisonment. And now this little pissant claims, off the cuff, that Bill Windsor has committed Federal Crimes? Ummm NOPE darling dipshit detective YOU have committed the crimes and YOU will be sued and hopefully indicted you little greasy corrupt GOOBER.

You have violate Bill Windsors rights and I believe if you check your little law books you will see it certainly cannot be legal to arrest a tweeter, someone exercising their Free Speech, First Amendment right, from another state and use taxpayer money to go get him and put him through the Montana Courts all for posting what is his First Amendment right and fighting back after YEARS of PROVEN attacks.

This will, in NO WAY stand up in the Ninth Circuit. I have an email from the FBI pretty much stating this. Maybe it's included in ALL that pile of evidence the real VICTIM, Bill Windsor gave you.  Have you even READ ANY OF IT ?

I know so much more than your tiny brain can handle on this topic so go ahead file Federal Charges, I would love to be in on that, so count me in. Oh and don't miss any of your EVIDENCE there Dipshit.  The Ninth Circuit will NOT ruin the lives of the entire world with a precedence that suppresses Free Speech for every single person out there tweeting, posting, reporting anything, SIMPLY because Detective Barney Fife and Bullying Clattering Clark say so.

Check your Facts Idiot. Read a Few Cases, such as maybe my Ninth Circuit ruling. Though Civil, it will apply as Free Speech is not criminal. However using a Protective Order to CHILL SPEECH is unconstitutional, but you know that right being an Internet Genius and all. There is TONS of case precedence on that one.

So Missoula Attorney Chris Daly says:

"Jen and William:   Here is my recollection of what took place at the witness interview of Mr. Boushie on Monday, August 17th concerning possible Federal involvement in the case.  When  I arrived at the County Attorney’s office a few minutes before the interview, William Windsor was speaking with Det. Chris Shermer.  I participated in that conversation as well.  At one point, Detective Shermer said to William Windsor something to the effect that ( none of my recollections are exact quotes) you know that what you did is also a Federal crime.  William Windsor responded that he has done nothing wrong so it couldn’ t possibly be a Federal crime.  At the conclusion of the interview, Jennifer Clark informed William Windsor that she had contacted the Federal authorities about his case.  William Windsor said when will I know if they are going to do anything  and I interjected saying you will know when the Marshalls scoop you up.  William  Windsor and I did leave the interview with the impression that there was a possibility that the case could be turned over to the Federal authorities although we were not specifically told that .  Chris Daly"

So is Detective Fife aKa Shermer simply bluffing? BULLYING? Is he prosecuting the case? Or is the County Attorney? Is this an intimidation tactic or more whistleblower retaliation?

Detective Chris Shermer, PAID by your tax dollars to hide Montana Corruption, Suppress Speech, Jail Journalists and bully senior citizens victimized by those in his jurisdiction.

"Jennifer Clark informed William Windsor that she had contacted the Federal authorities about his case." Yet when Bill Windsor wants more information on this matter, he is seemingly flat out lied to by Jennifer Clark Deputy Missoula County attorney.  She even threatens some mamby bamby SANCTION if Bill won't lie, I mean if Bill remembers things how they actually happened instead of how she is NOW claiming they happened. Jennifer Clark's legal tactics are bullying lies with no factual accuracy or evidence whatsoever.

As we see from previous posts, CLARK is now saying there is no federal investigation. WHY? I mean how in the world does Montana have jurisdiction over a SC citizen posting or tweeting? I mean that is a First Amendment right first of all and if it is big enough


We are on the Right side of the Law and the Right Side of the Moral Compass. Not even Death will STOP me from Exposing all of YOU. My Blogs live on and one day you will ALL be exposed. May as well expose who ever is making you lie like this now. As it is going to come out ONE DAY, Guaranteed.  United we Stand, Una Stamus, as they say, and we will not go quietly as we OBEY the Law and We tell the whole truth NOTHING but. YOU do NOT. 

Oh NO Sanctions SANCTIONS. 

Hope none of the above is factually inaccurate. See, Montana Corruption. Your beloved CRIMINAL, the University of Montana and Sean Boushie well they done took it all and you ALL let them. SO nothing left to lose now. So Sanction away my lady. The TRUTH will RISE UP. So call the FEDS, Please. I, for one, am on pins and needles waiting for you to GET CAUGHT.

We will be Demanding an OUTSIDE independent investigation into all of your actions, starting years ago when Michael Spreadbury and myself, Crystal Cox told all of you. Long before you let it go on and ruin a reporters life.

The TRUTH will RISE UP out of this Cluster Fuck of Corruption. 

I Guarantee it.

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