Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Detective Chris Shermer is reported as being so good at solving Internet Crimes. Yet he blatantly and viciously, in my opinion, did NOTHING to fact check the allegations of Sean Boushie, and jailed an INNOCENT Senior Citizen who had been attacked and targeted for years.

Either Chris Shermer is NOT capable of TRUE and CORRECT internet investigations or his life or family has been threatened by the corruption in Montana that protects the University of Montana and it's paid stalkers.

Detective Chris Shermer must know how to do cyber investigations, so why did he simply take the word of one man, WITH NO FACTUAL PROOF, over the word of another?

Is it out of fear? Why is one man's quality of life worth NOTHING and his civil and constitutional rights violated and another man can harass people, ruin lives and blatantly break the law every day for years and years and face no accountability?

Detective Chris Shermer has the power to truly investigate IP addresses and what happened. There is thousands of documents of proof and ways to prove who the bad guy is but Detective Chris Shermer REFUSES to do so? Why?

I believe it is to protect corrupt Sheriff's, County Attorneys, Judges, Cops, Politicians and the University of Montana as they pay people to harass other people online in the name of keeping us all safe. Meanwhile they ruin our lives with NO Accountability. Then they press charges against us so we look like we are the bad guys and not telling the truth when CLEARLY We are the GOOD GUYS exposing the Bad Guys and giving voice to victims.

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