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University of Montana has Ignored this Issue for 3 Years, Protected By Attorney General Steve Bullock, and the Missoula Police and Missoula County Attorney. This is a Hate Crime and has Been Going on for 3 years and counting. The Montana ACLU, Montana DOJ, Montana Governor Office, ALL Knew for Years About the Rampant Rapes in Montana and did NOTHING.

Below is part of a Blog Post on the Lawless America Blog regarding threats from Sean Boushie, University of Montana Employee, while at the University of Montana on Paid Time.

"Movie Producer Bill Windsor and Crystal Cox, one of the subjects to be filmed for the documentary film Lawless America, have been threatened by stalker Sean Boushie from the University of Montana.
A series of emails from Sean Boushie to Bill Windsor are reprinted below.
Sean Boushie has called Bill Windsor a "wackjob" and has threatened to come after him and make sure he is locked away forever...

Sean Boushie has threatened me (Bill Windsor) with arrest for violating cyberstalking laws if I mention his name, Sean Boushie (Sean Boushie is his name, at least I believe his name is Sean Boushie.  Sean Boushie is the name on the emails sent to me by a person claiming to be Sean Boushie.  S-E-A-N  B-O-U-S-H-I-E.)  He also threatened me if I mention his employer, which I believe is the 
University of Montana.  That's the University of Montana.
Now, Sean Boushie has said that he would do these things to me if I accuse him of any crime on the basis of Crystal Cox's word.  So, all I am doing is reprinting Sean Boushie's emails to me.
In my opinion, Sean Boushie is dangerous.  I believe the courts should protect Crystal Cox from Sean Boushie by giving her a restraining order, and I believe I should have one as well.  I will seek one here and one in Montana as well."
Source of University of Montana Post and Full Article with Emailed Threats from the University of Montana IP Adress. 
For More Details of the Crystal Cox, University of Montana Story

In 2009, A Group of Us Tried to Recall Sheriff Anderson in Lincoln County for Failure to Prosecute Rapes, this Launched a massive retaliation against me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. All because I gave voice to rape victims that Montana County Attorneys FAILED to Prosecute, Over and Over.

Click Here for One Article from Eureka Montana. If you Need details, contacts, cops to talk to, or information to do the right thing and bring Montana County Attorneys to justice, Email me at

Click Here for Kootenai Valley Record Story of Rapes at that Time. The Summer of 2009, when we ran a Montana Sheriff Recall in Lincoln County Montana, and we were in a Documentary on Corruption in Missoula and Hamilton Montana, this is when My University of Montana Stalker First Started attacking me. He was protected by Ravalli County Justice of the Peace Robin Clute and then Ravalli County Attorney George Corn.  Also the University of Montana Police Jim Lemke protected him, and so did the Missoula Police Department. ( I have Posted emails with Detective Jamie Merifield and the U of M Police Jim Lemke)

Click Here for the When is a Victim a Victim in Montana Article from that Time Period

Letter from Chief Justice Gray of the Montana Supreme Court, Click Here, This Letter was to the Lincoln County Recall Committee and signed by Christine A. Wethern, Staff Attorney.

Keep in Mind Folks,  the Recall out of Lincoln County Montana in the Summer of 2009 was because of a huge amount of unprosecuted rapes.  This Sheriff Recall was initiated by Diane Kaechele, a brave smart woman, not from Montana who said Rape is Wrong, and set out to do something about it.  Many strong Montana Residents such as Rex Nichols, Paul Stramer, Ginny Emerson and more stood up with Diane Kaechele for these victims. No Authorities in the State of Montana listened to the cries, the voices of these victims. Still we fought for them as hard as we could, with the tools we had.

Click Here for the Letter from the Division of Criminal Investigations
This was written in the Fall of 2008, as this brave woman spoke out to Montana Agencies for Help and NO One was Listening.  This is addressed to Diane Kaechele, Lincoln County Recall Committee and Signed by John L. Strandell, Investigations Chief.  It is from the State of Montana Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation.

The Montana DOJ knew that Rape was an issue and they have for many years. Still Steve Bullock, Montana Attorney General Protects the Montana County Attorneys such as Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg, Ravalli County Attorney George Corn, and Bernie Cassidy of Lincoln County Montana.

Click Here for Letter from the Montana Attorney General's Office to Diane Kaechele of the Lincoln County Recall Committee.  This is From Attorney General Mike McGrath, State of Montana.

Click Here for Letter from Brian Schweitzer Office of the Governor, State of Montana to Diane Kaechele Spokesperson, Lincoln County Recall Committee. This is signed by Chief Legal Counsel Ann Brodsky, she suggests that the Montana Attorney General is contacted and as you see above, they suggest something else. And you can see that this Letter is copied to the Attorney General Mike McGrath.

After all of this, and no help what so every. Diane Kaechele, Spokesperson for the Lincoln County Recall Committee, Sent this Letter to the Montana ACLU in Missoula Montana. It was December 30th, 2008.

Below is the Letter to the Editor from Sean Boushie, in the Daily Interlake, Kalispell Montana, Sunday 7-19-2009. This was the begining of his 3 year hate campaign, while at work at the University of Montana.  I rebutted this letter on my blog about the recall, as the concealed carry topic was not factual and the Recall was mainly about the Rapes in Lincoln County, it was about un-prosecuted Rapes. To ask people not to sign this massively important recall that involved over 40 rape victims, was simply, in my opinion wrong.

This rebuttal set off 3 years of Hate, and the Lincoln County Sheriff, Lincoln and Ravalli County Attorney, Judges in Libby Montana and Hamilton Montana, the Montana Attorney General, Montana Highway Patrols, many Montana Commissioners, Missoula Montana Police and the University of Montana all supported a massive 3 year, every day attack on me, Blogger Crystal Cox who was writing on the rapes. Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana gave Sean Boushie a Protective Order Against me, that was NOT Mutual and Sean Boushie attacked, stalked and threatened me that whole year and still to this day. Judge Haynes in Hamilton Montana denied me a protective order. This was after I received a Death Threat on August 6th 2009, in which Bernie Cassidy, Lincoln County Attorney still refuses to investigate.

Here is Sean Boushie's Original Letter to the Editor.

The Now Eureka Police Chief Ian Jeffcock, was there during a rape scene investigation with another Eureka Cop, in City Limits, Bernie Cassidy County Attorney is said to have hidden the Truck with all the DNA evidence in it.  Many local cops went to Ian's house over years, as he beat his wife, and the Eureka Cops protected him. Sheriff Anderson beat all 3 of his wives and the Libby Police Covered for Him. The State of Montana does NOTHING to protect victims of sexual and violent crimes in the State of Montana.

Sheriff Big Hair in Montana, I am told, raped many in Hardin Montana and he is protected.. here is one article on him..

Ask Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy How 15 Felony Charges against Richard Brown turn into nothing, as he photos under age girls in his main street clothing stores restroom. He is said to be a local Drug Runner and Protected by Bernie Cassidy County Attorney, who refused to let Officer Caveretto search the residence of Richard Brown.  Sex Crimes are protected by Montana County Attorneys. The Montana Governing Bodies knows and does nothing.

See this link below, it is a dead link, it use to be about the Montana Recall, but Lee Enterprises, the Missoulian Removed it to Protect Montana Corruption. All to Protect Rapists, why?

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