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For Those of you Researching "Montana Rape Claims Under Federal Inquiry". Montana Blogger Crystal Cox Says, The University of Montana protects Rapists, Stalkers and even pays them. Royce C. Engstrom, University of Montana President DOES Nothing. Montana Corruption is Rampant, Hopeless, and NOTHING can be Done.

Know This.

The University of Montana promotes stalkers, ignores those who cry out for help. For years The University of Montana has known of my case and they do nothing to investigate. The University of Montana President is now on a Homeland Security Committee and still nothing is done to protect the Rights of Montanans or even those affected by University of Montana Employees.

For years I worked with the University of Montana police to expose issues, I was ignored in order to protect corrupt cops, attorneys, judges and even the Montana Attorney General.

In Montana, by Law,
you are not a Victim unless the Montana Courts say there was a crime. And Montana is strictly pay to play in the justice system.  So getting a Judge to say it was a crime and thereby qualify you as a "Victim", well that is nearly impossible.

Counties such as Ravalli County and Lincoln County, in conjunction with Missoula County and other Counties in Montana, protect rapists over and over again.

I wrote of over 40 rapes a few years back in ONE Montana County. The local cops had told me of cases, I met with victims, there was DNA, rape kits and more and Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney ignored it.  Cops at the time offered to get female officers from other counties to find out who the rapists were, and get them prosecuted. Bernie Cassidy, county attorney denied the cop this way to find the CRIMINALS and serve Justice.

In Montana, Rape is just a way of life and the Montana Attorney General was well aware of what happened in our county and it moved to Hamilton Montana, and to Missoula and the Date Rape Drug is still rampant and Rape is NOT taken serious.

Good Cops cannot do their job in the State of Montana as the Wall of Corruption is to high, they try, they call me with their stories and end up leaving the state.  

When I was Exposing massive rapes in Lincoln County in 2009, I received a death threat in which the county attorney protected the sender, as did Judge Robin Clute several counties over. I also received harassing threatening emails, comments, hate groups and more, ALL originating from the University of Montana IP address. I cried out for help for Years.

Judge Stormy Langston in Lincoln County Ignored my Rights, Judge Haynes in Hamilton Montana Denied my Rights, Detective Jamie Merifield in Missoula Ignored my Rights, the University of Montana Police and the University of Montana President ignored my rights, the Montana FBI Ignored my Rights. Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana, protected by the, then County Attorney George Corn, and more protected Rapists over an Investigative Bloggers rights, who was simply telling the story of the victims involved.

At that time, It seemed that the Rapists were running drugs for the Libby Montana Cops, and were protected by the County Attorney Bernie Cassidy. Cops told me of a Truck with blood and fingernails in the dash, they say County Attorney Bernie Cassidy hid the Truck to protect the Rapist. Bernie Cassidy protected Richard Brown in Eureka Montana, as he took pictures of underage women from his main street place of business. Bernie Cassidy, refused to let the cop investigating go to his home and search his computers, his belongings. This same county attorney keeps a death threat sent to me, and proof of who sent it, locked tightly away.

Cops told me of several rapes with rape kits done, and that they hired more staff at the Hospital to handle rape kits, yet the County Attorney, Bernie Cassidy refused to prosecute. Sheriff Anderson's son in law was a cop, years ago, he made a young woman have sex with him to get out of a traffic ticket, the Dad told me the story crying. He complained to the Attorney General, Sheriff Anderson's son in law is said to work at the state prison now, he was never prosecuted.

Many "dads" contacted me about their daughters who performed sexual favors on cops to get out of tickets. When good cops stand up they are silenced by the Code of Blue, they have to protect each other or they are threatened, set up, run out of town or worse. And woman cops in Montana, it is even worse.

I got stories from several mothers of their son's dying in jail, what is known as the famous Montana Suicide which is really death by cop. The year I was writing so much on Montana Corruption, there was 4 suicides in the Yaak Montana, bullet to the back of the head and no gun I was told.  I was told of huge amounts of money that drug runners had and cops or border guards shot the drug dealer and the "media" never spoke of the money. The Stories never end, and the Truth is CRIMINAL.

That same year I was exposing the Cops, County Attorney and Rapes, I was put on a homeland security watch list, all because I spoke out against RAPE.  

Montana loves Rapists and County Attorneys like George Corn of Hamiliton Montana, now an Attorney in Missoula Montana at Datsopoulos MacDonald & Lind, PROTECT the Criminals and PUNISH folks like me, who stand up for the rights of the Victims.

Folks like Montana Attorney George Corn and  Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney, keep the legacy of Rape in Montana alive and well, and certainly LEGAL.

Over the last 3 years I have gotten lots of stories from many Montana Counties, RAPE is Rape, and boys will be boys as they say. Nothing can be done about the corruption and horror in the Judicial System in Montana.

This investigation will be like all the rest and they will do what the Public Outcry pushes them too and no more. See Montana Corruption involves the BIGGEST of the Big, per say, and there really is no way to clean up corruption in the State of Montana. No One is Listening.

And me, a 4th generation Montanan, owned a Real Estate Company for a Decade, got a degree in Forestry and had my own Forestry Business, worked hard in my community, owned several businesses and employed locals, was never in "trouble", and then I spoke out about RAPE in Montana, I Defended those in my Home Town of Eureka Montana that I had know my whole life and the Cops, County Attorney, Detectives, Commissioners, and Judges protect Rapists, protected the Criminals. And I, the Voice of the Victims, was set up, threatened, harassed and still to this day I am harassed by a University of Montana Employee and I have been given no rights in 4 years, no protection and am constantly harassed and all I did, was fight for Rape Victims that were up against the Culture of Corruption in the State of Montana. And there are 100's and 100's of them.

Telling the Truth, Speaking for Victims, Forever Changed my Life, my Business and Everything I ever wanted my life to be. At that time I thought that the Laws mattered, that the cops and detectives would listen, that the newspaper would not lie about Rape. Thing is I was very wrong, the Newspaper, Commissioners, Cops and more, IGNORED the stories of what was REALLY happening to these women. The local rape advocate seemed to give up trying to get the cops to prosecute and did what she could to help the continual flow of victims. She even told victims to call me, as I seemed to be the only hope of justice, and all I could do was get them heard. Bernie Cassidy, Lincoln County Attorney Montana, to this day is harassing women, threatening to put them in Mental Institutes simply because he is protecting the Lincoln County Elite, such as Interbel Big Shot Randy Wilson. And the truth about Lyme Disease in Montana and Prompt Care in Eureka and North Valley Hospital in covering up the fact that Ticks in Montana is a VERY big deal.

I gave voice to woman who have been raped over decades, and over 40 Rapes that one summer in Lincoln County. I even gave voice to a man falsely accused of rape. See if RAPE was taken serious and prosecuted in Montana, this would also protect those falsely accused.

The Local, State and Federal Authorities attacked me, the Messenger, and all I was doing was speaking out for the victims involved in the crimes. Law Enforcement protected the Criminals, and Media helped them to make the Victims look like the Criminals to the Public, who to this day believe Law Enforcement and Local News over the Victims.

The University of Montana ignores these situations time and again.

Here is a Bit of Todays Headlines

 "Montana Rape Claims Under Federal Inquiry"

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether sexual-assault allegations against students at the University of Montana, including at least six football players, were properly handled.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said Tuesday that federal officials would examine whether the university, as well as the Missoula, Mont., police department and county attorney, failed over the past three years to adequately investigate and prosecute numerous alleged rapes.

"The voices of women who have been sexually assaulted must be heard," Mr. Perez said in a call with reporters. He said there have been at least 11 reported cases of sexual assault involving Montana students within the past 18 months, but added that the investigation would examine alleged rapes of all women in Missoula, not just university students.

Mr. Perez said the Justice Department isn't seeking monetary penalties against the university or any criminal action against the accused assailants. "Our focus is on the systemic issue: Do the university and law-enforcement agencies have the necessary...policies in place to protect the women?" he said.

The investigation is the latest twist in a controversy that has dominated the news in Missoula, a town of 70,000 in the Rocky Mountains, and has taken a toll on the university's football team.

In March, University of Montana President Royce Engstrom dismissed head football coach Robin Pflugrad and athletic director Jim O'Day. The Grizzlies had just won the Big Sky Conference title and Mr. Pflugrad had been named the conference's coach of the year.

Mr. Pflugrad's lawyer said at the time he believed the media firestorm over the alleged sexual assaults led to the firing. Mr. O'Day's lawyer couldn't be reached for a response.

Mr. Engstrom, who didn't return a request Tuesday for comment on the investigation, gave no reason for his decision to dismiss the two men.

The Missoula police chief and county attorney didn't return requests for comment on Tuesday."

Source of University of Montana Rape Post, and Full Article

I doubt there will really be a  Federal Inquiry into the Culture of Rape and Corruption in the State of Montana. I have been crying for help on this matter for years.

Jim Lemcke seems to have moved on, thing is he knew for years.
Click Here for More On Jim Lemcke, University of Montana Police

The Missoula Police, Jamie Merifield, seems to think that if a Man threatens to kill a woman, stalks and harasses her that the best thing to do is go to the University of Montana, and ask him if he did it. He says NOPE and the Investigation is over.   If the Department of Justice is really looking into this, they need to look at why Royce Engstrom ignores what he is told about crimes, corruption, stalkers who are at the University of Montana.

The Dept. of Justice WILL protect Royce Engstrom
over the rights of some woman raped, they don't care. See Royce is high up in Power as the University of Montana is coddled by the Attorney General, and there is big money in Montana where Rumsfield has a Ranch, where Big Drug Companies run our government, where Hamilton NIH powerfully conceals Rocky Mountain Tick Disease and endangers the Hamilton Montana Residents every day with noise pollution and no way to help the Hamilton Residents if the lab has a fire.  Montana protected that horrible action of WR Grace, and I am told that it is common knowledge that it cost $50,000 for a Montana Supreme Court Decision to go your way.

It is said to be an average of $5000 to $25,000 for a plea bargain and the Laws are Irrelevant. So do NOT get your hopes up on corruption in Montana having any kind of justice with an alleged Federal Investigation over a University of Montana Rape.  See, even the cops that do care, are powerless against the Wall of Corruption the State of Montana.

If there really is an investigation to if this was properly handled, well I have years of emails to the U of M police about my Death Threats from the U of M, IP address and they did not listen. They have orders to protect the Elite Corrupt Judges, County Attorneys, Sheriff's, Lawyers and more in Montana and that does not include some woman exposing Rapists.  NO it was not properly handled, it was swept under the Rug. It is NEVER Probably Handled, and if Good Cops try to, their lives are ruined.

The University of Montana  Supports Illegal Behavior and the Montana Attorney General Condones It

Montana Corruption is Top Down. The Governor, Department of Justice, FBI, Attorney General and more know of what happens in towns across Montana and they do nothing, as Corrupt Judge, County Attorneys, and Detectives let Death Threats, Rapes, and more happen often with no accountability. If you Speak Out, guys like County Attorney Bernie Cassidy will protect guys like Eureka Montana Phone Coop Interbel's Head Guy, Randy Wilson and they will find a bed in Solitary, in a Mental Institute for Mothers who speak out on their rights based in law.

There is no Justice System in Montana, no Morals and the Law is Based on Who you Know and who You OWE and not on who actually breaks the law.

"Center for Public Integrity Says, In the case of Montana, there are two problems: The laws on the books are not very strong, and the implementation of those laws are not very good"
For More on this Click Below

Here are a Few more links on the Montana Corruption System.

Royce C. Engstrom -
University of Montana Protects Montana Corruption.

There is no way to Stand up to Corruption in Montana.

It is Literally, HOPELESS.

If you speak out as a Victim, you are made to look like the Criminal by Lee Enterprises news outlets and other Montana News sources given their orders by those in control of the corruption in Montana.

If you speak out for victims, as I did, then you are set up too. If you tell the truth, expose those in Law Enforcement or Judicial Power that break the law, you are subject to economic terrorism, your business is ruined, your family is threatened, big media lies about you to protect corruption, and the cycle of rape, corruption, and law enforcement above the law continues year after year.

In exposing Rape in Montana, and how it seems to be Legal, I ended up exposing decades of corruption and that made me a target by Law Enforcement and instead of protecting my rights, they protected those breaking the law and even helped them to harass me and intimidate me.

Crystal Cox, Montana Investigative Blogger on Montana Corruption

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