Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sean Boushie continues to STALK my Blogs everyday. Sean Boushie of the University of Montana threatened to kill me and has stalked and harassed me for over 7 years. The Montana authorities continue to aid and abet Sean Boushie in order to protect corruption in Hamilton Montana, Libby Montana, the University of Montana, and within the entire Judicial system in the State of Montana.

"I continue to work on the criminal charges that I am submitting to law enforcement for the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE, Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark, Judge James A. Haynes, and Missoula Police Department Detective Chris Shermer, and the unknown person who destroyed my trial evidence. I will file it with the Missoula County Attorney's Office, the Missoula Police department, the Missoula County Sheriff's Department, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

I will publish an article on listing the 10 criminal statutes that have been violated.

1. My key piece of evidence was destroyed; a bogus exhibit was fabricated. This violates MCA 45-7-207.

2. The alleged victim (whose name I am not allowed to publish) committed perjury. He committed multiple counts of perjury (at least 20) in violation of MCA 45-7-201.

3. The alleged victim knowingly made false statements to Judge Sam Warren. This violates MCA 45-7-202.

4. The alleged victim knowingly made false statements to Jennifer Clark and Chris Shermer. This violates MCA 45-7-203. Unsworn falsification to authorities.

5. The alleged victim knowingly made false statements to law enforcement. This violates MCA 45-7-205. False reports to law enforcement authorities.

6. Judge James A. Haynes, Jennifer Clark, and Chris Shermer violated MCA 45-7-401. Official misconduct.

7. Jennifer Clark violated 18 USC 1622 – Subornation of perjury.

8. Judge James A. Haynes, Jennifer Clark, Chris Shermer, the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE, Claudia Denker-Eccles, Judge John W. Larson, Judge Karen Towsend, Tyler Dugger, Judge Sam Warren, Judge Kathleen Jenks, Clerk of Court Shirley Faust, and unknown others violated 18 USC 241 – Conspiracy against rights.

9. Judge James A. Haynes, Jennifer Clark, Chris Shermer, Judge John W. Larson, Judge Karen Towsend, Tyler Dugger, Judge Sam Warren, Judge Kathleen Jenks, Clerk of Court Shirley Faust, and unknown others violated 18 USC 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law.

As I drive, I make notes about my Motion for a New Trial. I am filing that before I appeal. I have a whole host of grounds, but Judge James A. Haynes ignores the facts and the law, so I am quite certain he will deny it. That will theoretically give me more grounds on appeal, but the Montana Supreme Court is hopelessly corrupt. My only hope is to get into federal court. I will take it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I am absolutely flabbergasted that someone destroyed my main piece of evidence in the Clerk of the Court's office or in the courtroom and replaced it with a copy that did not have the smoking gun. I can prove that my document was destroyed, but I won't have any way to find out who did it unless the FBI gets involved.

There are so many violations of the law and Constitution in this case that it isn't even funny. And it is all well-documented.

I am headed to Dallas. I will then go to Ellis County Texas and demand some hearings, and I will go to Waco Texas and demand some action from the corrupt Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The manuscript for Lawless America...The Book needs some undivided attention, and I intend to give it. The book will then be used in efforts to obtain financing to finish the movie."



I was not thinking clearly yesterday after the shocking verdict came in.

There were a number of criminal violations during the trial. So, I am preparing to submit proposed criminal charges to the Missoula County Attorney's Office, the Missoula Police Department, the Missoula County Sheriff's Department, and the FBI.

I sent this email to Jennifer Clark and Judge James A. Haynes:

"My original exhibits disappeared. I will be filing a criminal complaint.

"I will also be filing a criminal complaint about the perjury by the alleged victim and the subornation of perjury by you and Judge Haynes.

"I ask that you contact the alleged victim and secure the 300 pieces of mail that he swore I had sent to him. This is very important as you allowed the testimony.

"I ask that you file criminal charges against the alleged victim for perjury, filing false complaint, false swearing, and obstruction of justice.

"I also ask that you secure the original of the service copy that Deputy Sergeant filed.

"Last, who was the mystery witness subpoenaed? I never received any notice of a witness nor was I sent a copy of any subpoena. I need to see all subpoenas."

The UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE lied many times on the witness stand. Jennifer Clark knew he was lying as did Judge James A. Haynes. They let him lie, and I was denied the ability to ask questions to prove it.

So, I'm back in fighting mode! Got my game face on again."



Well, what can I say? I have said that a guilty verdict would be a better ending for the movie, but I didn't want to be found guilty. I was, so the movie will end with what I hope will have audiences shaking their heads in disbelief.

I had my appeal ready just in case, so I advised Judge James A. Haynes immediately that my appeal was being filed that second.

So, good news first. I was sentenced to only the maximum amount allowed by law -- one year in the Missoula County Detention Center. Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark asked the Court to allow my 134 days behind bars, and he (likely most reluctantly agreed). So, I won't be gaining any more weight on the excellent food at the Missoula County Detention Center. I am as free as one can be in Lawless America. I am not going to jail.

After 845 days of being under restrictions of a TEMPORARY Order of Protection, most of those restrictions have been removed.

Jennifer Clark asked for a permanent order of protection for the UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE. I argued that there was never even a hearing to expose all the lies. Judge James A. Haynes said he believes the law allows him to order no contact with the UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE, his wife, and the University of Montana for a year. So, that's good in that after a year, I can expose this guy again. I can't publish this UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE'S name for a year.

This means the movie cannot be released for a year unless I take the names out.

It was Kangaroo Court at its finest. I was denied 99% of my evidence. I was denied 75% of my testimony. I was denied 50% of my Opening Statement. I was denied 90% of my proposed Jury Instructions. Judge James A. Haynes committed a host of wrongdoing before the jury.

I was terribly disappointed with the verdict, but not terribly surprised. I hoped the jury was upset with Jennifer Clark for the constant interruptions of my testimony, but apparently they weren't.

Based upon the facts, they couldn't have found me guilty. They must not have liked me or believed me.

I am going to publish my full Opening, Testimony, and Closing on

At the conclusion of the trial, Judge James A. Haynes asked me to autograph his copy of my Wanted Poster. I smiled and did. I hope it long serves as a remembrance to him of just what a corrupt piece of sh*t he is.

Before the trial resumed this morning, I moved to have a mistrial declared. I cited about 10 reasons. Ignored.

To be continued..."


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the Wall of CORRUPTION in the State of Montana is Alive and Well. Massive proof of Fraud, Corruption, Cover Ups YEAR after YEAR and Missoula County Attorney had a chance to expose it all in one court proceeding and instead covered it all up. WELL FOR NOW AT LEAST. 

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